Helpless, a 5-year-old watches as her little sister is mistreated. Only when the mother returns is the damage revealed.

When Missy Camp left her 3-year-old daughter Raelyn and her 5-year-old big sister with a babysitter, she had no idea that they would be in danger. The 14-year-old entrusted with her children lived in the neighborhood, and having known him for a long time, Missy considered him a polite teenager. She completely trusted him with her daughters, believing they would be taken care of while she visited family.


This time, she was wrong: The afternoon took a fateful turn after the boy decided to invite three friends over. Missy came home to find her living room in complete disarray: She found Xanax pills on the floor, empty cans, a smashed window, two destroyed toilets, and a broken television in the corner.


And if that weren’t enough, it appeared that 3-year-old Raelyn had been the victim of the “party.”  After watching YouTube, the boys decided that it would be a fun idea to imitate one of the videos. The video? One that showed a living animal being placed into a running clothes dryer. The victim this time? Little Raelyn.


Raelyn was so upset after this horrible event, that she didn’t want to talk about it. It was her older sister that revealed what happened. According to her, the boys filled the dryer with water, put Raelyn inside, and started the machine. The effects that resulted from this “idea” were shocking.


This kind of torture is not something that little Raelyn will easily forget. In addition to the psychological trauma, her body is also covered in painful bruises. Her mother Missy still lives in shock.


Since the incident, Missy has noticed that Raelyn’s behavior has changed: “She’s quiet. Like usually she’s very hyper, running around, going crazy and all that but lately she just kind of wants to sit on the couch and cuddle. She doesn’t eat as much.”


Missy’s only wish is that the babysitter be held accountable. While the police claim to be investigating the allegations, no charges have yet been filed. Meanwhile, the “Justice for Raelyn” internet campaign is in full swing. Everyone should know what this boy and his friends did to this innocent little girl.


What a nightmare. We hope that Raelyn’s soul heals quickly, along with her bruises. How could anyone do something like this?

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