He Takes Her In His Arms, But When He Lets Go? I’m Dumbstruck

It’s hard enough to become the best in one specific skill. To reach the top of your field takes years of training, mental strength, and hard work that, at the time, might never feel like it will pay off. But to become the master of two skills is something entirely different. Most people spend a whole lifetime mastering one skill, but for P!nk, the famous musician, she’s been able to master two so far into her career.

The clip below is from her DVD, Live From Melbourne, and it highlights just how amazing P!nk is as a performer and music. Watch her perform her hit single, “Try,” in front of thousands in attendance. Notice how there is a very high degree of difficulty in her performance due to the incredible physicality of the stunts she performs. Now, think about how difficult it is to deliver stunning vocals while performing those stunts.

Sit back, and enjoy this jaw-dropping performance.

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