He Asks Her For A Quick Dance. Now Keep Your Eyes On His Little Feet… ADORABLE!

Humans have always loved to dance with each other. For thousands of years our ancestors have jumped and danced and twirled with each other all around the ancient campfires of the past.

While there are a near unlimited number of specific dances and differing styles, one of the most interesting out there is the famous Lezginka dance of Eastern Europe. When the Russians first saw this dance, they were amazed at the fast-paced and energetic power behind the movement.

The males are meant to imitate an eagle, dancing in quick steps while jumping and falling to their knees and clapping, it seems like all the focus is on him. However, when you see the slow, yet deliberate movements of the female, you see how it appears as if she is floating around all over the floor!

The male and female never touch during this dance, but it’s really amazing to watch. This little boy might be young, but he certainly has an incredible amount of energy and he’s trying everything he can to becomethe center of attention!

The amount of energy it must take to pull this dance off is truly incredible, and we’re happy that this boy is not only talented, but seems to be having so much fun! No wonder so many people wanted to dance with him, could you ever refuse a face like that?

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