Precious 3-year-old sings beautiful rendition of “Gethsemane” just in time for Easter

Even though Claire Ryann is only 3 years old, she’s already stunned millions of people all over the world with her adorable face and her even more adorable singing voice.

Just a few months ago, her dad filmed her singing The Little Mermaid classic, “Part of Your World,” which quickly went viral for obvious reasons. And ever since then more and more people have been falling madly in love with her.

Countless people have been begging to hear her sing some more songs, and with her newest video, she’s certainly not disappointing anyone. To celebrate Easter, her dad filmed her singing a beautiful version of the famous song, “Gethsemane,” showing just how much she loves to sing and how much she loves to show the world her faith.

The relationship this little girl has with her father is truly incredible to watch, and when she looks into the camera, you can’t help but smile at just how perfect she is in every single way.

Not only is her message perfect for Easter, but this little girl truly has a talent. At such a young age, she’s clearly going to “go places.” And as long as her father teaches her to be humble with her gift, we have a feeling she’s going to grow up to be an incredible person!

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