This Is What Happens When You Let The Internet Choose The Name Of A Tropical Storm

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), an intergovernmental association in charge of the naming of sea tempests and storms, learned about the threats of approaching the Internet for help last week when it asked individuals to recommend a name for the following Tropical Storm that structures in the Atlantic.

On Tuesday, the name Tropical Storm Giant Freaking Dildo was ahead of the pack with very nearly 50,000 votes, destroying more hostile proposals like Tropical Storm Douchey McAsshat and Tropical Storm Thundercunt. Obviously, there were a lot of serious suggestions, as Tropical Storm Trump, however Giant Freaking Dildo was the reasonable leader.

“There’s something about the name Tropical Storm Giant Freaking Dildo’ that just works,” commented one user. “That’s gonna catch my attention and get me worried about the coming storm. What happens when Giant Freaking Dildo hits land? We’re screwed.”

Despite the onslaught of offensive and ‘funny’ suggestions, the World Meteorological Organization is taking it all in stride.

“We’ve had thousands of suggestions on the poll, many of them I cannot repeat,” said Susan Jameson, director of corporate affairs at the WMO. “We are shocked and horrified at the suggestions being put forth by the people of the Internet, but we are glad they are embracing the idea.”

The poll was closed today, but the WMO will have the final say on the name of the next Tropical Storm.

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