He Hangs Towel Bars Around The Home. When I Saw How They Were Used? I Never Thought Of THIS!

Sure towel bars are great for hanging towels, but did you know that they can be used for so much more? Beautify your home and increase your storage space with these creative, simple, and unique towel rack ideas!

Got Lids?

Of course the lids to your pot collection are necessary, but they can certainly be difficult to organize. Stacking those different-sized lids has surely been a tricky task – until now! With the help of a towel rack, your pot tops are not only easy to access, they make an eye-catching addition to your kitchen decor as well! Idea found on Hip 2 Save.


Mud Room Madness

Backpacks, jackets, scarves, hats… oh my! Your mud room has always done a wonderful job of containing the clutter, but now with a little “towel bar love” it can do the job beautifully! Idea found on Over The Big Moon.


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Whether you live in a chilly place or you live to accessorize… scarves are essential! They come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns; add the perfect “pop” to any outfit; and keep you cozy and warm during the cold winter months. This towel rack idea will enable you to display that lovely collection, while also making your scarves easy to access. Idea found on Shelterness.


Calling All Artists

If “creating” is your passion (or a full time job), you most certainly need a way to effectively store your paint. Well, we’ve got an innovative idea for you! By attaching wooden dowels and towel racks to the door of a cabinet or to extra wall space…


A Painter’s Touch

… you can design an inexpensive, effective storage area for your paint supplies. Create on! Jen Goode’s 100 Directions shares her project details.


The Simple Things

Unless hangers are hanging, there is just no attractive way to store them. Why not ditch the messy pile atop your laundry room counter, and tidy with a towel bar? As you pull items of clothing from the dryer – your hangers are conveniently (and neatly) waiting to help! Idea found on A Diamond In The Stuff.


Different Is Good

Black, metal towel racks not only create extra “cabinet space” in this contemporary kitchen, they also add a bit of modern, sophisticated decor as well. Additional storage areas are always a plus – and with the help of towel racks, we can now store with style!


Something For Him

Attaching a towel bar to the back of the closet door creates a handsome, functional rack for his fabulous tie collection. Selecting the perfect tie has never been so easy! Idea found onPinterest.


A Green Thumb

With a bit of assistance from towel racks, your garden tool storage will now be as lovely and eye-catching as your tulip flower beds. This helpful organizational “tool” will ensure that you never misplace another spade again! Idea found on The Cavender Diary.


Recharge Your Battery

Needing to charge our many technology devices is a given, but having them become a constant counter eyesore doesn’t have to be. This towel bar charger station is not only extremely useful, it’s simply adorable and unique too! Idea found on Polka Dots In The Country.


May I Powder My Nose?

What began as an ordinary towel bar, positioned in the perfect spot, becomes a darling, one-of-a-kind toilet tissue holder. Your guests will surely be asking about this interesting and gorgeous piece! Idea found on Dear Lillie.


Don’t Throw In The Towel

Why organize and decorate in typical ways, when you can instead be bold, unique, and innovative? Share these creative towel rack tips with your friends and family, and spread the “different is good” mentality!

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