He Was Handed A Note On The Plane By The Baby Next To Him. What It Said? WOW!

If you are one of those people who fly frequently, you would definitely agree that sitting next to or near a crying baby can be quite irritating. This is especially true for passengers that are trying to get some sleep.

Recently, a man found himself seated next to someone with a baby on a long flight. Right away, he knew that it was going to be his unlucky day. But then out of nowhere, he was handed a bag by the “baby”.

There was a note inside the bag and it was written in the perspective of the baby. First, she introduced herself and explained that this was her first flight. Then, she said she wanted to apologize in advance if she ended up crying in the middle of the flight.

Wait till you read the rest of the note and see what else was inside the bag. You’ll have the biggest smile!

Check it out below:



How thoughtful of the baby and her parents!

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