Guy Waited Seven Years To Drop The Perfect Joke On Twitter

You know when you’re watching a stand-up show and the comedian goes through a whole convoluted story with twists and turns and characters and diverse plots and then, all of a sudden, it ends with a punch line. Very funny but you can’t help but think “wow, that was a long set up

Not any more. Any joke that took a while to get to the pay-off has just been put to bed by one guy who waited seven (yes, SEVEN) years for a laugh.

As a fresh-faced young man, Marcus alerted the world to his imminent slumber back in 2009, a year of iPhone 3GSs and neon-themed school discos.


And that was it. Radio silence. Until now.


Pure genius. The internet loved it, obviously.



Since then, he’s only made one more tweet…


So I guess we’ll hear from him in 2023 then…

Also, he only follows one guy and that’s Donald Trump. Weird.

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