Guy uses a knife to slice open a cyst, and when it squeezes, it explodes

In a rare occurrence, the guy performing this cyst removal gets verbal confirmation from his “patient” as a nod that, yes this is dangerous and I will not be held responsible if more than a cyst pops out of there. Kudos to him for doing a backyard cyst removal with some legal backing.

Other than that, this is still your average, disgusting open-pus surgery. All it takes is a few squeezes, and this guy’s head erupts like a geyser, shooting cyst gunk at least couple feet in the air.

It’s always funny to hear the crowd witnessing the removal go crazy as they explode on anyone within range. You’d think they were at Seaworld or watching a magic show.

Nope. It’s just some guy losing pieces of his head everywhere.


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