Guy Jumps Off Eight-Story Building, Almost Misses The Water

You have you heroin junkies, meth junkies, and even your junk-food junkies, however there’s nothing quite like an adrenaline junkie. Doing frightening deeds is such an excite for these individuals that they take it to extraordinary extremes. You may have seen individuals cliff diving or jumping out of a plane and thought: “Why on earth would anyone do that?” Well, apparently it gives you one hell of a rush.


A well known adrenaline junkie who goes by the name of 8Booth excursions all through southern California searching for better approaches to get revved up and ready to go. Free diving, rock climbing, and jumping from extreme heights are just a few ways he seeks thrills. Obviously, when you love to leap from crazy heights, all you can do is look for something even higher to jump off of. In his most daring attempt yet, 8Booth jumped from an eight-story building and barely cheated death.

Overlooking the Newport Harbor in Newport Beach, the man stares death in the face as he leaps off the building and hopes desperately to land in the water. He captured the unforgettable moment with a GoPro mounted to his face and another camera on his wrist. With docks and boats in the way, the landing was a close call.

Thankfully, he made it. He landed just feet away from a dock, which probably would have killed the guy had he ended up there instead. On the description of the video, 8Booth warns: “Don’t try this at home, I’m a professional.” Yeah… definitely not trying this.

Source: Viralthread

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