This Grumpy Old Man Is Everyone Who Doesn’t Understand Pokemon Go

When something wonderful enters our lives, there’s always someone who hates it no mater what. Take Pokémon Go for example. Pretty much everyone in the world is playing it and saving animals in the process.

But one guy is sick and tired of people hunting for Pikachu in his yard. Reddit user Poopanddoodle recently posted a photo of a sign he spotted while using the app.


Here’s the full text:

This is a PRIVATE yard, for Tenants of this building only, NOT for Pokemon chasing.


This Whole Pokemon Hunt Is by far the Stupidest Thing I have ever Seen, and I have lived through:

– Hammer Pants;
– Crystal Pepsi;
– Trickle-Down Economics;
– the First-Past-The-Post Electoral System;
– People Taking Jean Chretien Seriously;
– the Macarena;
– the “Will-Ennium”,
– the Presidency of George W. Bush; and
– ten Seasons of CSI: Miami.

There is a Bar up the street and around the Corner. Go there, Have a Beer, and seriously think about your life choices.

This guy doesn’t like Jean Chretien OR Pokémon Go?! What a hater. Twitter user Joe Heenan decided to give his rebuttal to this grumpy old man…

His note reads:

This is a private garden.

But if you see a Pokemon in here, come and get it.


This whole Pokemon hunt is by far one of the best things I have ever seen.

Don’t let:

Bitter killjoys

People with no imagination

Folk that hate fun

Members of the conservative party [the United Kingdom’s ruling political party]

Angry dads

Donald Trump

Tell you otherwise.

This is awesome!

Now go and catch as many fucking Pokemon as you can.

And people seemed to love his response.

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