Father Of Three Obese Kids Is Planning To Sell His Kidney So He Can Save Their Lives

Rameshbhai Nandwana is a 34-year old father why should willing offer his kidney in an effort to save his three abnormally obese children.

Yogita Rameshbhai Nandwana, five, Anisha, three, and their 18-month-old little brother Harsh have an unordinary appetite that, as indicated by The Mirror UK, ‘the food they eat in a week is sufficient to encourage two families in a month in their town in Gujarat, western India.’ The kids expend a nontypical liter of milk, eight chunks of Indian bread, 2kg of rice, five bundles of rolls, twelve bananas, and considerably more throughout a day.


Rameshbhai and his wife, Pragna Ben, are poverty-stricken as they have spent a large sum of money on doctors, medical treatment, and an abundance of food to satisfy their children’s unending hunger.

All three children bloated immensely after the first year they were born that raised a number of medical concerns which jeopardize their health. Although Rameshbhai and Pragna consulted many doctors, they could not go through with various treatments because they could not afford them. ‘I am a daily wage labour,’ the children’s father tells Cover Asia Press, ‘and I usually get paid Rs 100 a day by there are times when there is no work at all. I work in fields, dig wells, and do whatever menial job I can find to earn money. And I’m constantly worried about finding the money to feed my continually hungry children.’


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