Family drives 2,500 miles for their long lost puppy, but watch who comes around the corner…

The Goldstone family was absolutely devastated when their boxer puppy, Boozer, escaped from their backyard. They searched for him for weeks when they made the heartbreaking decisions to stop looking and accept that they would likely never see him again. The Goldstone’s missed their lost pet everyday and mourned his loss. Nine years went by when they received a call out of the blue that someone had recovered a dog that might be Boozer. His former owners could no longer take care of him and turned Boozer over to a rescue center. A microchip implant scanned by the shelter identified the Goldstone’s as Boozer’s proper owners. They made the 2,500 mile journey from Alabama to Colorado with the simplest hope that the recovered pooch could be their long lost pal. Watch their heartwarming reunion in the video below.

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