Facebook Is Swooning Over This Lowe’s Store That Hired A Veteran And His Service Dog

The worst part about having a pet is that you have to leave them for the day while you leave for work.

However, this Army veteran won’t have to worry about that, because he was just offered a job, and so was his service dog.

This retired veteran was struggling to find a job that would hire both him and his dog, and luckily,  this Lowe’s located in Abilene, Texas, obliged him.[adinserter block=”2″

A customer, Judy Rose, snapped a photo of the two employees rocking their Lowe’s vests and commending Lowe’s for bringing the both of them on board.

Her post blew up, racking over 52,000 shares on Facebook, with tons of people applauding Lowe’s for their consideration.


And it looks like the awesome gesture is proving to be quite the marketing tool for the retailer.

I mean it’s a simple choice for me. “Hey honey, which hardware store should we go to? The one without the adorable golden retriever? Or the one without? Yeah, thought so.”

A no-brainer.

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