Ever Wonder Why There’s A Hole Next To Your iPhone Camera? THIS Is What It Does

In the world of technology, you never really know what’s going to happen in a couple year’s time. Cars are starting to drive themselves, people are able to fly their own drones, and iPhones have holes that have an unexplainable purpose. Well, that last one isn’t true. There’s always an explanation for everything, you just need to find it! Over the past few months, people have been trying to figure out what the purpose of that mysterious hole next to the back camera on an iPhone is used for. Is it a light sensor? Is it a microphone? So, what is it and what exactly does it do?

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In case you don’t know which hole I’m referring to, it’s the one placed between the camera lens and flash.


People have had multiple theories as to what it is. One theory is that it’s a reset button.


Does that mean you should go poking things into it? Probably not, because it’s not actually a reset button.


Funny enough, Apple actually shows what the hole is. It’s a microphone, but not just any microphone.


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