Ellen Celebrates Portia’s Birthday With Awesome Skit Of Her Life

We already know that Ellen and her wife Portia’s relationship is beyond adorable. The two are obviously made for each other, as they’re both able to laugh at themselves, and to make each other laugh on a daily basis.

A great example of this loving relationship is when Ellen had Portia on the show and showed tons of unflattering pictures of her beautiful wife. The way Portia reacted was perfect.

But what did Ellen do for Portia for her big 40th birthday? Well, she certainly wasn’t going to let it pass without making her laugh. She was also definitely not going to let the day pass without embarrassing her on national television, as Ellen is wont to do for the people she loves most.

Portia’s had a very successful career in the entertainment industry that led her to meet Ellen, the love of her life. Ellen figured that there was no better way to honor Portia’s 40th birthday than by honoring the story of her career as well as how the two of them met.

But in this short homage, Ellen wasn’t going to play herself. She decided that she was going to play the part of Portia. So, who’d Ellen get to play herself? You have to see what happens when they get to the wedding reenactment!

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