A drunk driver passed out behind the wheel. When he woke up, he found the best note ever.

Redditor Krazy_Legs found this drunk man asleep in a running car at 3 AM.


Drunk drivers are so cute when they’re asleep. (via Reddit)

Imagine you’re coming home to your apartment at 3 in the morning. You find this man, asleep and non-responsive behind the wheel of a running car. What do you do? Obviously you take a picture. But one Massachusetts Redditor did more than that – he became a hero. Here’s the story in his own words:

I found this guy passed out drunk with his car running outside of a bar at 3:00 am. The bars close at midnight where I am, so I tried to wake him up, but he just kept mumbling and continued to sleep. I decided to hide his keys in the backseat, just in case a cop came, and left him a note and some water. I realized once I was sober that a cop would probably just read the note and arrest him anyway, but at least I tried.

Here’s the note in question:


He’s the hero this guy definitely doesn’t deserve. (via Reddit)

Putting the bottle of water in his steering wheel is an extra-nice touch. That guy’s going to need it for his booze/exhaust fume hangover. Meanwhile, the Drunk Knight will stand ever vigilant, ready to save any and all drunk assholes from themselves.

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