Driving Young Lady Crashes After Reaching For His Phone, Then Mother Displays His Totaled Car

For those of us who know how to drive, one of the main lessons that is engrained in our recollections is how to stay safe on the road. This implies wearing a safety belt at all times, not drinking and driving, and to stay away from distractions on the road. Failing to follow these basic rules can lead to disastrous results. You can cause an accident, and possibly cause the death of others on the road— or even your own.

A young lady turned into an orphan after her parents died from a car wreck– all because they neglected to put on their safety belts.

High school senior Matt Reeves knows he’s lucky to be alive after a recent car wreck. He’s still suffering from a concussion, but when he and his family think about what could have happened instead, they’re just thankful he only suffered fractures on his face.

Reeves was driving when he dropped his phone. Still on the road, he reached under the pedal and tried to grab it for what he thought was only a few seconds.

But it only took that short period of time for him to crash into the car in front of him. Luckily, the driver of that car, who happened to be a nurse, was unharmed. She tended to the bloody teen until paramedics arrived, and he spent time in the ICU.

Now, one month after that accident, Matt’s mom wants everyone to know that it only takes a few seconds for a family’s life to change forever. The totaled car even sits out in the yard, as a reminder to everyone to never be distracted while driving.

Even Matt’s friends have learned their lesson, after such a scary time.

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