This dog sits alone in a car wash for 7 months… Until a stranger does THIS

This is a story about a gorgeous 2-year-old dog named Bo’s rescue. This gorgeous creature was fending for himself for 7 months near a carwash in Toronto.

He slept nearby on a pile of junk in a lot and ate out of the garbage cans of the car wash.

It was reported to some rescuers that he was always near that area, so as an attempt to get him used to them, they set up some stuff by his bed so he would get used to their scent and put some actual food in the trashcans at night.

He continued to keep his distance and it was getting to the point that the temperature would drop below zero degrees, so the rescuers were able to set up a live trap and successfully got Bo.

Watch the video below of this amazing rescue and the improvements that this sweet and adorable gentle giant of a dog started to have:


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