Dad Watches In Horror As His 4-Year-Old Chokes. Now Watch What This Stranger Does

Rowan O’Neill was shopping Sunday in a Perth, Australia, market, when a panicked mother brought her unconscious 2-year-old to the checkout counter and begged for help.

Security footage from the store demonstrates the mother abandoning her child on the counter and running outside for her husband. The dad sprints into the store, and he and O’Neill hold the child upside down, in an apparent attempt to clear her airway.

But nothing seems to work.

In a last-ditch attempt to save the girl’s life, O’Neill places the child on the checkout counter and begins CPR. As the parents pace, barely able to watch, the girl finally opens her eyes. Surrounded by crying bystanders, the father and O’Neill share an emotional embrace.

Source: Sunnyskyz

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