His Dad Took Him To The Jungle For Safety. 41 Years Later, He’s Found Like THIS

There are new and awesome discoveries happening every day. At this point, it’s almost hard to imagine life without the advanced technology we now have. If you have a question, you can get the answer with the press of a finger (well, maybe a few presses). Fifteen years ago, you would’ve been hard-pressed to find anything remotely as convenient as a smartphone, but now they’re everywhere. There are actually more people in the world who have access to cell phones than there are toilets. Could you imagine having neither? Well, this particular man never had to imagine it, because that was his entire life.

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Meet Ho Van Lang, also known as the real life “Tarzan.”


When he was two-years-old (and a few months), he was taken into the forests of Vietnam by his father, Ho Van Thanh, in hopes of avoiding the war.


41 years later, foragers found two people living in the jungle and alerted authorities. This is what he looked like:


Ho Van Lang and his father lived off of a diet consisting of rats, corn that they planted, and whatever fruit they could forage.


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