Dad Slices Open A Wasp Nest – What They Find Inside Leaves Them All Stunned

You see them buzzing above your head and hanging on plants and flowers in your garden, but you hardly ever get the chance to see where wasps go when they’re not flying around! Wasp nests are generally off limits, due to their scary stingers and mean demeanor, but now you get the chance to peek inside of one with this fun episode of “What’s Inside?”


The goofy father-son duo (Dan and Lincoln), along with Lincoln’s brave friend, Kai, were curious to find out what’s inside of a wasp nest. So they ordered an empty one off of eBay and mentally prepared themselves to cut it open! When it arrived, Dan took the knife and carefully sawed through the nest – they were all ready to run if a rogue wasp came flying out!


What they found inside the halved wasp nest was an intricate network of tunnels, caverns and “wasp homes” that covered every inch. A nest like this must’ve been a crowded place to live! The fascinating video below gives you a rare look into the home life of bug that most people are too nervous to even get close to!


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