Dad Is Beside Himself When He Sees What His Dog And Baby Do, Shares Video As Proof

With regards to the cutest duos of all time, nothing beats a cute child and puppy partnership. Nearly no matter what, it appears like puppies have an intuition inside them to deal with little people. For instance, this frightening looking Doberman blend accomplished something miraculous to save a little girl and these pit bulls are enamored with this cute little girl.

In any case, in the video beneath, you’re going to see something that is not just inspiring, it is completely humorous. Also, father had the best planning when he pulled out his camera to catch this viral minute. In the clasp included at the base, you’ll see infant Sophie having a crazy discussion with the Shorkie puppy.

Uploaded to YouTube a few years ago, the title of this clip says it all. “BABY DOG WHISPERER! Cesar Millan has nothing on her!! Shorkie Puppy Talks to Baby.”

As if the video evidence isn’t enough, Baby Sophie is known for being a dog whisperer. She is able to connect with animals and dad happened to capture proof of her natural ability on video when he saw her talking to the dog.

After you see the baby and puppy interact in the video below, you’ll undoubtedly see that Sophie has a special talent with animals. Hopefully, she will not lose her ability to speak to dogs as she gets older.

Watch the short clip below to see the puppy speak baby language. And as you’ll see this is certainly one of the cutest clips floating around the internet these days.

With more than 15 million viewers to date, the way these baby and puppy connect is amazing. It’s unbelievable that they are able to grasp onto each other’s personalities like that and have a back and forth interaction that transcends species.

Hundreds of people have left comments about the video. Here is what just a few people had to say:

“your baby thinks she is a dog..”

“Something tells me the baby was just laughing instead of talking to the adorable yorkie…”

“everyone thinks the baby and puppy are so cute, trying to talk to each other….meanwhile, they are having a heated, political debate about abortion and immigration.”

“Why every baby should have a dog, and vice versa!  LOL”

“the best , fluffiest, cutest video ever, happy times.”

“The dog wants her to chase him”

“I swear, no matter how bad a mood I might be in, this video gets me smiling and laughing!”

“Dog is really saying “come at me son”. Baby laughs and it pisses off the dog lol. Seriously though that is a cute video. Harmless unless the baby gets a good handful of fur. My brother has a scar on his forehead to this day from a dog keepin’ it real lol”

Are you in agreement? Do you find this video to be just too cute? What is your favorite part of the baby and dog interaction caught on camera?

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