This Customers Returns A Box Of Cupcakes, But Watch What’s Inside The Box…

Meet Sharon. She’s a incredibly hardworking mother of four and she owns Mrs. C’s Cupcakes in Penrith, UK. Unfortunately, the past year hasn’t been very good to Sharon. Her younger brother passed away, her youngest son developed a degenerative disease, and she herself was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Because of all this, her cupcake business has been struggling.

In this video, you’ll watch as Jackie O, a radio DJ from the KIIS 1065 station, decides to reach out and help Sharon through her struggles. Jackie enters the cupcake store posing as a customer, and starts to complain that she received stale cupcakes. Instead of getting angry, Sharon displays the utmost patience.

When Jackie tells Sharon to taste the cupcakes for herself, Sharon opens the box, only to find a heartwarming surprise. We don’t want to spoil it, watch the video to find out what it was!

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