Customer’s Complaint About Dead Worm In His Cucumber Is Straight-Up Hilarious

I have a cousin who used to have a very, very real fear of finding bugs in her box of raisins. She would refuse to eat the dried little pieces of fruit because she legitimately feared that she would eat a bug and be none the wiser.

It took her years to overcome this fear and finally start eating raisins from the box. One day, munching on some raisins at our aunt’s house, my cousin shrieked and tossed the yellow box across the room. On the floor were raisins, and a bunch of tiny black ants. Apparently they had crawled in the box and confirmed all of my cousin’s worst fears.

Till this day she hasn’t eaten raisins. And I’m thinking about sending her this story to put her off eating cucumbers for the rest of her life, too.

Wes Metcalfe discovered a dead worm wrapped tightly against a cucumber he purchased from a Tesco supermarket. So he wrote them on Facebook about it.


Tesco immediately responded to his post, but not in your typical PR way. They wrote an ode to William, the dead worm.


Tesco even held a funeral for the little guy.


Wes kept the sympathy for William going with an amazing eulogy for the dearly departed earthworm.


Then Tesco upped the ante by responding with a eulogy of their own; a modified version of an Oasis song.


Which, of course, prompted Metcalfe to chime in with a musical tribute of his own.


Then things got serious – it was time for some final remarks about poor old William.


RIP Will.

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