Cruel In Laws Steal The Man’s Dog, Abandon Him In A Parking Lot With A Bag Of Dog Food

A dog and his owner being separated is one of the saddest stories. It could be due to a door being accidentally left open or something scaring the dog away and getting lost. But no one ever expected that the separation of these two would be deliberate.

One night, after Jason Diggs was putting his child to bed, he returned downstairs to find that his dog was missing. He looked everywhere for him, and was afraid that he’d gotten loose somehow.

However, he found a disturbing post on Facebook that answered his question. His in-laws, who had never been fond of his dog, Tyson, decided to take the dog and abandoned him in a parking lot, tied to a post. They left him with a bag of dog food, hoping that someone would take the pooch and give him a new home.


However, it seemed Tyson had different plans and ended up chewing through the rope, but he did remain by the post, hoping that his owner would come to take him home soon. Sadly, Tyson disappeared and the bag of food was missing as well.


Many of the animal rescue shelters in the area have kept both eyes and ears out for any sign or news of Tyson, and so far have turned up empty. Unfortunately for Jason, his search for his beloved dog continues, and we can do nothing short of praying and hoping that these two will be reunited in time for the holidays. Please SHARE this post to help reunite them…

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