Couple Was Not Aware That A Simple Gender Disclose Party Would Turn Into THIS…

On this occasion, the future parents cut the cake and reveal the gender of the baby to their family and friends.
These days cake cutting ceremony is conducted to disclose the gender of the baby. The reason for cake trend is merely to disclose the baby’s gender according to the color of the cake. The consequences of the sexual orientation test are either covered up in frosting or inside the cake.

On this event, the future parents cut the cake and reveal the gender of the child to their family and companions. In January 2016, a couple Anthony and his pregnant spouse Dinahleigh arranged a gender surprise party at their home in Lake Mary, Florida that finished in an unexpected surprise.

Let’s find out the surprise received by pregnant mom at this party.

This expectant couple arranged a gender surprise party to disclose their baby’s gender.


The results of gender test were concealed by baker in the cake.


Baker decorated this cake using pink and light blue frosting. 


So, the expectant couple thought that result must be hidden inside the cake.


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