When the bride sees her groom kissing this woman in front of her, she begins to weep

After eight years together, Kristeen and Luke Rheault have finally come to the most beautiful day of their life. Regularly at the reception there is a traditional mother-son dance. But, this defies all tradition. The man of the hour’s mom experiences amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Her atrophied muscles have fastened her to a wheelchair. So Luke stoops down beside her abruptly. At eye level with his mom he swings her carefully through the dance hall and softly dries her tears. In this moment, the bride falls in love with him all over again: “That was likely the most touching minute I have ever experienced,” tells Kristeen. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.” These four minutes truly go straight to the heart:

Shortly after the recording, Luke’s mother died. But the groom is overjoyed that he was able to share this moment with his mother before she passed away. The memory of her happy face will be stored forever in his heart. If this last dance for a mother and son has touched you deeply inside, then share this emotional video.

Source: Hefty

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