Brothers of the Bride Do a Surprise Rap/Toast at Wedding Reception

There are tons of traditions that go into planning a wedding day. Some vary depending on culture, but there are quite a few that you can count on seeing regardless of who’s saying “I do” that day. For example, the exchanging of the rings, dressing up in your fanciest duds, and sharing a romantic first dance are all pretty universal aspects of the matrimonial occasion. Of course, there are also at least a few speeches involved at the reception.

It can be nerve-racking to prepare the right amount of sentimentality and entertainment value in one short monologue. You don’t want to bore the guests or be toomushy with your words, so you have to choose carefully. I remember stressing out the night before my best friend’s wedding, sending photos of my speech to all of my other friends multiple times to make sure it would be OK. I was also really worried I’d just start crying in the middle and not be able to finish telling her how happy I was for the couple, but I managed to make it through with only a few small tears.

Apparently, I should have tried making it even sillier with a musical number like the brothers in the clip below! The only tears that night were definitely from laughing at their hilarious lyrics. Set to the tune of “Summer Girls” by LFO, it’s clear these two are very protective of their little sister. Luckily, it seems like she chose a husband with just as much humor as her family.

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