BREAKING: Launch Date And Details For iPhone 7 Announced

The universe of innovation is an always growing field. Consistently, something new turns out that appears like it will never be coordinated, however the year after demonstrates to dependably beat out the previous models. this goes for autos, telephones, PCs, and essentially anything technology related. iPhones, specifically, fall straightforwardly into this. The most up to date iPhones dependably execute some cool and progressive element, though Apple has a tendency to remain to a great degree hidden until just before their most recent model discharges. Well, we’ve compiled all of the features that are thought to be in the latest model, as well as what’s been confirmed!

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It’s difficult to trust how far iPhones have truly come.


They used to be significantly smaller, yet bulkier. That’s what makes waiting for the newest model so exciting. Let’s get into some of the rumoured features!


With the water resistance increasing from model to model, it would only make sense for the phone to become waterproof.


No one likes waiting for their phone to charge, so fast charging is likely to make an appearance.


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