Brave Mother Makes Incredible Sacrifice For The Sake Of Her Baby Daughter.

Danni Bett was driving with her 2 months old baby daughter, Indi, when her car crashed.  The accident was so serious that it left Ms Bett in a neck brace with horrendous pain in her back and spine.  Despite being in agony, the New Zealand mom refused painkillers for more than FOUR HOURS so she could breastfeed her daughter.  The power of motherhood over-ruled her own life.


Danni Bett lost control of her car and smashed it into a metal fence.

The vehicle was unrecognisable  but, more importantly, Danni was seriously injured.  Her daughter slept soundly throughout the ordeal and only woke up when the emergency services move her to take her to hospital with her mom.    Even though Danni was in the most terrible pain, her only concern was for her baby.  She refused painkillers for hours while she was having x-rays and ultrasounds and the reason was ……so she could breastfeed her daughter!

The nurses pleaded with her to let them feed the baby with a bottle but Dani felt the only way the little one, who was upset and crying by this point,  could be comforted would be by breastfeeding.  I knew I could calm her and I desperately wanted to, despite my injuries.  One of the nurses took the photo which, it is hoped,  would inspire other breastfeeding mothers ‘to feed our babies whenever, wherever’, whether in public or a hospital bed.


Other than Ms Bett feeling the effects of whiplash, both mother and daughter are reportedly now doing well.

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