Boss watches the security tape, but he can’t believe what his cashier did with a customer!

A surveillance video from a gas station in Canada went viral when the boss revealed what one of his employees did.

“On Sunday evening an elderly lady came in and approached Debbie on the cash where she promptly looked after her. I am not sure exactly how the subject was broached but Debbie’s co-worker, Sean, was asked if he would mind dancing with the Petite Belle from Britain. He promptly agreed. He also explained that the customers in line were his priority however if she did not mind waiting he would love to dance with her.
She waited.
He served.
And then they danced.
She danced, twirled and even broke into song.
From beginning to end, Sean was a gentleman. Allowing the “Petite Belle” to enjoy herself, while never breaking eye contact nor his engaging smile.
I love that he took the time to dance with her.
I love that the customers who were initially in line said “You dance with her, we’ll wait”.
Dr. Seuss once said “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”.
And stand out he did.
Bravo Sean.”

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