This Bizarre New Pet Brush Actually Encourages You To Lick Your Cat

We are living in the future, and that is a beautiful thing. There are so many constant innovations to our daily lives, and it seems like there’s a product or app for almost any need one could imagine.

If, for example, you happened to have an insatiable desire to lick your cat clean, well — there’s now a product for that.

The as-yet-unreleased Licki Brush is apparently a tongue-shaped brush which allows you to use your mouth to groom your cat. In other words, you will look like you are licking your cat (which is, of course, the customary feline cleaning method).

It’s the opposite of dignified, but it WILL keep your cat groomed. The attention and stares from confused passersby is just an added benefit.

The whole thing may very well be a joke — but if you suddenly feel the need to throw piles of money at the Licki Brush, there is hope for you yet. The product’s website is apparently in development, with a Kickstarter launching “soon.”

It’s a glorious time to be obsessed with your cat, guys.

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