This Bear Was Just Rescued From Horrible Abuse, And His Reaction To Freedom Is Unforgettable.

Despite the prevalence and success of modern medicine, some people around the world still commit horrible acts against nature for the purpose of obtaining unproven folk remedies like “tiger wine.” One of the the worst of these practices is the harvesting of bear bile, an industry that keeps some 12,000 bears captive in painful conditions for the purpose of harvesting a specific substance from their live and gallbladder.

Rescue organization Animals Asia recently saved a bear from such a bile farm, and when his wounds were healed, he got the treat of a lifetime!

Despite the fact that no evidence exists to support the supposed health benefits of bear bile, many bears are still held captive by harvesters and kept in terrible conditions.


Luckily, groups like Animals Asia are working to end this practice. One of their most recent bear rescues, Tuffy, was filmed during his first day of freedom…and his reaction to a freedom is priceless.


Tuffy deserves all of the playtime he wants. He is finally free to enjoy his life!

Share his incredible reaction to freedom with your friends who love animals, and learn more about how to help these bears here.

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