So Badly Hurt That Nobody Could Adopt Him. When He Eats His First Warm Meal? My Heart…

Across the United States, millions of dogs are killed every year in shelters so they can free up some space for other dogs in need, and Rudy’s fate was locked. He was slated for euthanasia and about to become nothing but a memory. Rudy has been severely abused and beaten and he suffers from a broken hip. Not only that, he suffered from severe eye and ear infection too.

Worms, pneumonia, mange and skin infections were part and parcel of his neglected life. Since no one wanted him, this pup was scheduled for euthanasia. With just hours before the dooms day, Houston Street Dogs stepped in and Rudy finally met his foster mom. That is when things began to change.

Take a look at this video

First Rudy was scared, but eventually he opened up and started to bloom, like a beautiful flower. Please don’t abuse dogs. Please don’t neglect them. Please treat them like you’d want to be treated. Share away, people.

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