This Bacon Express Grill Cooks Up To 6 Bacon Strips Instantly At Any Time

 Do you or someone you know loves bacon? Scratch that, who doesn’t love bacon?

Well, using this device, you can fulfill your love for bacon by instantly cooking 6 bacon strips at any time.

Introducing, the Nostalgia Bacon Express grill.

2It’s very simple to use. First, just open the flaps and lay your bacon strips to hold in the grill.



Adjust the settings with the side-knob based on bacon thickness (works on thick cut and even turkey bacon!).


And within minutes, you’ll have delicious, crispy bacon for any of your delectable meals.



Since it cooks vertically, all the bacon grease drips to the bottom in a container, making it a healthier meal for you (and easy cleaning).


The Nostalgia Bacon Express grill is available on Amazon for $39.99.

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