Baby Crow Makes Friends With A Human As His Mom Flies Overhead

The rule of thumb with babies out in nature is usually to leave them alone, because nature has its ways and methods of raising the little ones.

Every so often, though, a baby animal will need some help, or its mother will abandon it for one reason or another. That is one of the only times that you should actively intervene with a wild animal of any kind.

However, sometimes you don’t really have much of a choice!

Like all babies, wild animal babies are curious creatures. They like to explore the world around them, and that’s how they learn what is safe and what isn’t safe. Their parents are there to show them the way, but there are some things that they just have to figure out on their own.

Many people don’t realize what smart animals crows are. They can solve puzzles more complicated than the ones primates can solve, which is truly incredible.

This little fledgling of a crow is just as curious as he is smart. Even though Mom and Dad are shouting at him from the treetops to follow them, he has a different plan.

One man was just sitting outside of his home when the little one started to come up close to him. The man tried to direct him towards his parents, but this bird really wanted to make a friend that day.

He’s too cute! And don’t worry, he eventually listened to Mom and Dad and returned to the flock.

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