‘Avenging Angel’ Is A Real Life Batman Who Used The Sex Offender Registry To Beat Up Pedophiles

I have a savior complex, and it’s not because I’m inherently a nice person. I think it’s because I’m convinced most people are garbage and that if I’m not way better than them, then that must mean I’m garbage, too. But whenever I’m faced with someone who is truly better than me at pretty much everything, I can’t help but simultaneously be super jealous of them while doling out tons of respect.

So my savior complex comes from a place of extreme ego, but that doesn’t mean that helping others doesn’t make me feel really good. Because by doing that, while confronting that I’m a truly arrogant person, I find that when I go out of my way for someone, it’s almost always worth it. And that feels great.

If I don’t confront the fact that I’m an arrogant person, well I use my “opportunities” to help others as an excuse to just really, really hurt someone else.

And I’m no expert, but I think that’s what’s going on with the ‘Avenging Angel’, an Alaskan man who beats up sex offenders.


41-year-old Jason Vukovich has been spending the past few years browsing online sex offender registries and hunting down convicted rapists and pedophiles, and beating the crap out of them with a hammer.

Here’s what happened to one of his victims: Vukovich’s MO is breaking into their homes at night and bashing them with his trusty hammer.


Vukovich’s real-life origin story is that he was molested and beaten by his adoptive father when he was a child, which helped set him on a path for getting vengeance for all children who’ve been sexually abused.

“What I can say at this time is that after being physically and mentally abused by a predator, my life was forever changed.” Vukovich wrote in a letter from jail.

It looks like he’s not lying, either. His father, Larry Lee Fulton, was found guilty of second-degree abuse of a minor in 1989.


Vukovich went on to say that he committed the crimes to help support children “in pursuit of their dreams” and that kids should have the right to live “without the threat of pedophiles lingering around them.”

He’s basically Batman IRL, you know, without the millions of dollars and it being a complete fantasy. And he also lives in Alaska.


And there’s a part of me that thinks this is incredible – of course I would love to exact revenge on scumbags who sexually exploit children, or those pieces of garbage who throw acid in the faces of women who deny their sexual advances.

But there’s another part of me that realizes, well, maybe I just hate people and want to have an excuse to do something illegal.

Vukovich is currently being held on $100,00 bail and could face up to 35 years in jail. An anchorage district attorney was shocked by the manner in which Vukovich used the online sex offender registry: “That’s certainly not the purpose for which it exists.”

I’m not trying to insult Vukovich either, but he may want to change his moniker, the Avenging Angel was a pretty crappy ’80s movie about a prostitute who becomes a law student and then takes to the streets to kill bad guys.


Actually, this movie seems pretty badass. They’ve got the whole thing on YouTube. You’re welcome.


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