Authorities Open Container Holding Teen Who Was Kidnapped And Assaulted, Disgusted By What They Find


Nikitah Beadman was convinced that she was dead after her then boyfriend Robert Galleghan smashed her into a wall then put her head through a coffee table after telling him that she wanted to end their relationship.

“I actually thought I was dead,” she told A Current Affair, according to MailOnline.

Her friends tried to stop him, but Galleghan chased them away with a knife. That’s when he dragged the 17-years-old into a pitch black shipping container and left her there bound with trolley wire and gagged with her own underwear.

“He always said he’d bury me out there,” she recalls.

The wire was wrapped so tightly around her neck that she stopped breathing. He then wrapped a blue yoga mat around her head and raped her with wire.

“Not in a sexual way,” she explained. “In a torture way, so I couldn’t have kids.”

He also stomped on her stomach. When the cops arrived he said that he was the one that was assault and wanted to go to the police station to make a statement. The police weren’t buying it and went to inspect the shipping container when they heard someone whimpering inside. The police rescued her just in the knick of time. They even filmed her rescue for evidence because they weren’t sure if she would survive.

“It was evil and depraved what I saw,” an officer said.

Beadman sustained lasting injuries and shared her story on the 2012 assault with A Current Affair. Galleghan was sentenced to 8 months in prison for torture and assault.

Source: Newsiosity, Mail Online
Photo: ACA/Channel 9 via MailOnline

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