Armed Driver Forces His Way Through Charlotte Protestors With Gun Drawn [WATCH]

A video of an armed driver forcing his way through crowds of protestors in his auto has developed on social media in the result of a night of brutal, looting and confrontation with cops in Charlotte, North Carolina taking after the police shooting death of Keith Scott.

Witness Heather Head composed the accompanying on social media: ‘White buddy crashes into crowds of quiet protesters, draws gun, allowed to drive away alive. With my own eyes. #CharlotteProtest.’


While North Carolina does generally allow the open carry of firearms, there are some situations which can complicate the situation. However, if the driver felt as if his life was in immediate danger, self defense laws could come into play.


At one point the man got of the car and faced the crowds. Protestors holding signs saying “F**k the Police attempted to block the vehicle at one point. Ultimately, the man was allowed to drive his car through the crowd without issue.


Keith Scott was shot and killed by Charlotte police earlier this week after they alleged that he approached officers with a firearm and failed to follow officer instructions.

Head, who posted the images and video online, said the driver was caucasian, but some other commenters have questioned the driver’s race.

‘I’m so confused by the people saying he wasn’t [white]. I mean, I didn’t take a DNA sample or anything but I saw a lot more of him than a close-up of his arm, and he looked pretty white bread to me. His pals in the car too,’ Head posted on social media.


During last night’s protest, one protestor was shot by another. Numerous police officers were injured, several stores were looted and numerous roads were blocked by protestors at various points in the evening.

Here is a video report of the armed driver via the Daily Mail:

Source: Controversialtimes

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