Abandoned Dog And Paralyzed Cat Survived Because They Had Each Other

Keep in mind that movie Fried Green Tomatoes? All star cast aside, it was still just a brilliant ode to lifelong friendships, and bonds that can’t be broken regardless of how different two people may be! It was one of my favorites, since it was a real take look at how people sometimes just connect no matter what their backgrounds. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared for this extreme in adorable? The circumstance is totally terrible but what happened to it will make your day.


There’s no real background on this unlikely duo – a dog and a feline for all things! – but poor people pair was found in Florida, toward the end of a driveway. In case you’re prepared to get sad, look at this.


The cat is partially paralyzed, and when they were found, the Dachshund was standing over her, the penultimate guard dog. They had obviously been abandoned, but he was so intent on protecting his friend that he stood guard even when though he was covered in ants!


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