A Dad Took A Picture Of His Daughter, But When He Saw What Was Behind Her? Hilarious

Who doesn’t love horses? Whether you’re a little girl dreaming of one day riding a beautiful stallion through the meadows, or you’re heading to the Kentucky Derby hoping to win some big bucks, horses have a special place in our hearts. Just watch this video of a horse being reunited with his best friend and try not to fall in love with the big, furry creature.

In a lot of ways, horses are just like us. They run, dance and can sometimes be pretty gross. I think we can all relate to that. Another quality we share is that horses like to be goofy every now and then. It’s a lesson that this father and daughter duo learned the hard way after a recent trip to an amusement park.

A horse-obsessed girl was excited to get the chance to get up close and personal with her favorite animal. She spent the whole day petting horses on the nose and admiring their great beauty. When she saw a group of Clydesdales parading through the streets, she knew what she had to do. So she and her father made their way through the crowd around the horses to get in position for a perfect shot. What they ended up with has cracked up everyone on the Internet.

Scroll down to read the hilarious true story.

This adorable little girl asked her dad to take a picture of her next to her favorite animal. With a huge smile on her face, she ran up in front of a Clydesdale and waited for her dad to snap the pic.


What she didn’t know was that this particular Clydesdale had a nasty habit of photobombing visitors. Neither the dad nor daughter knew what happened until later.


When they looked at the picture, this was what they saw.


No doubt this is one of the greatest photobombs we’ve ever seen. Some are even calling it the greatest photobomb of all time. After seeing just how much this horse loves showing off its pearly whites, it’s hard to disagree.

When the family got home, the dad uploaded the hilarious photo to Facebook. He didn’t expect much other than a few laughs, but a few hours later he was shocked to discover that the picture had spread like wildfire across the Internet and had been seen and shared by thousands of people. This is truly one photo they will never forget.

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