400 Soldiers Were Stranded At An Airport, But No One Expected The Man In The White To Do THIS

While traveling from Shannon, Ireland to Israel, a Los Angeles-based businessman named Shlomo Rechnitz stumbled across a group of about 400 United States soldiers at the Irish airport. While the rest of the people at the airport ate delicious, warm lunches served at nearby restaurants, the soldiers ate cold, pre-bagged lunches.

To Rechnitz there was a problem with this picture. These brave men and women are risk their lives on a daily basis to preserve our freedom. They deserve to be served warm, delicious food like the rest of the people at the airport.

That’s when Rechnitz decided to purchase lunch for every single soldier at the airport. He approached the commander and asked if he could buy them lunch, and he did not just buy them a lunch, he bought them a meal. Each soldier was given $50 to spend at a restaurant of their choice.

Because of this generous gesture, Rechnitz was asked to explain why he was so generous.

” …you guys risk your lives to protect me and protect my family. If I get to go out and see a whole bunch of Army soldiers and Marines, it’s something that makes me proud. I’m on my way to Israel now and you guys protect them too, and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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