Watch: Father Attacks Man Guilty of Killing His 3-Year-Old Daughter In Courtroom

A battle softened out up a Detroit Michigan court when the father of a perished 3-year-old young lady assaulted the man who killed his little girl.

The footage demonstrates the father, Dwayne Smith, assault Clifford Thomas, the man blamed for automatic homicide, from behind in the middle the court. Rather than conversing with Thomas, Smith throws a forceful left hook to the back of his head. As the police authorities approach the battle, Thomas responds and tries to battle back.


The guards manage to separate Smith from Thomas but both men desperately try to set themselves free from the guards strong hold. Smith, wearing white, and Thomas in a yellow uniform, both men continue to look at each other while the guards try to pin them down.

Thomas is held down by two officers, while Smith is brought up against the wall of the courtroom by another officer. After the Sheriff’s intervened, the case resumed.


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