30-Year-Old Nurse Is On A Hunt To Find Her Birth Mother Who Gave Birth To Her In The Hospital Where She Now Works

Do you know anyone who has sought out their birth parents? It’s obviously an exciting and scary journey for those looking to find out where they come from. Those of us raised by our biological parents have never had to wonder how we came to have green eyes, or why we sneeze so darn loud—these things are obvious to us. For those of us that are adopted, however, figuring out how and why we are the way we are can be a long and tiresome journey.

One woman in northern Iowa, currently on this very personal journey of her own, has chosen to take it public, and she is amazed at the incredible amount of support she is receiving. Read on to see how you too could help her out in her search.

Megan Hejlik of Sheffield, Iowa is a woman on a mission. The goal? To see if she can track down her birth mother. With little information to go on, this 30 year-old nurse is bound and determined to use social media to help spread the word about her past in hopes of bringing it into her present.


What does she know? She was born on April 28th, 1985 at the very same hospital she now works at, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, and the probable name of her mother is Vanessa.  Writing out a sign in permanent marker, Hejlik explained her plight in a Facebook post.


It stated her name, birth-date, and the name of her birth-mom, Vanessa.  Because it is assumed that Vanessa was only 16 years of age at the time she gave birth, Hejlik harbors no resentment for the woman that chose to put her up for adoption. All she cares about is that Vanessa may be out there today and is perhaps also curious about her long-lost daughter.


Having tried everything from undergoing DNA testing to searching online databases, it seems Hejlik will stop at nothing until she finds her answer. With nearly 9,000 shares on Facebook, the post is gaining momentum and she believes that it will eventually lead to some answers.


She urges anyone who may know about her mother, Vanessa, to contact her via emailat adoptedgirl04281985@yahoo.com.  Please share this information with anyone you think may have helpful insights and would be able to reunite this mother and daughter.

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