2 Rescue Cat Moms Found Clutched Together with 8 Kittens Born Just Days Apart


Two abandoned cat moms were found in a garage. When they were transformed into the sanctuary in a container, they gripped together with their eight small nursing cats just days apart in age.


“Megan and Moha are inseparable and care for their wee ones interchangeably,” Here Kitty Kitty Rescue (Elkhart, Indiana) said.

The torbie mother’s name is Megan and the orange mother is Moha.

There are five orange tabbies, two torbies and one buff.


Three slightly bigger kittens are from one litter and the rest are from the other.


They all share their mamas’ milk. Moha and Megan feed and care for them interchangeably.


While Megan is on a break, Mama Moha takes all eight tiny hungry babies.


Mama Megan returns and is ready to take her next shift.


The mamas are very close and totally inseparable.


They love all the kittens the same way and treat every single of them as their own.


The kittens will be ready for adoption when they are big enough. Their mamas simply cannot be separated and will have to go to a loving home together.


Update: the big furry family has found their forever loving homes!

The mamas care for each other’s babies with unconditional love. You can support their rescue efforts by following Here Kitty Kitty Rescue on Facebook.

Source: Lovemeow

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