18 Wonderful Things That Happened Because Of Great Parenting

Helping shape your children’s behavior is a key part of being a good parent. It can be difficult as well as rewarding.

I think all the parents of the kids you’re about to see need to get together and write a book…

1. “How my son wanted to spend the $120 he saved this year: Saturday morning, my son walked into my room and said he wanted to use his money to help the homeless. I asked him what he had in mind, and he said he anted to make them lunches.”


2. This 9 year-old boy didn’t think feeding strays was good enough, so he built a no-kill animal shelter in his garage.


3. This little boy thought one of the bunnies needed help, so he walked over and did this.


4. This 8 year-old boy was bullied for two years because of his long hair. He grew it out so that he could donate it to kids with cancer.


5. “My 3 year old daughter saw a little girl without hair and asked why she was bald. I explained she was sick and the medicine made her hair fall out. ‘Oh. She can have some of my hair,’ she said.”


6. “The little girl down the street leaves these out for people.”


7. “My daughter asked me if she could sell her stuffed animals and donate the money to our local SPCA.”


8. This boy at a baseball game…

9. And this one, too…

10. This 9 year-old girl builds shelters for the homeless and grows food for them, too.


11. “It’s been almost a year since we took in the neighborhood stray and my son still insists on tucking him in when he naps ‘so he knows that he lives at our house and will come back.'”


12. “Walked in on my little cousins…”


13. This brave boy risking his own life to save a helpless baby deer from drowning.


14. “My wife told my daughter that the kitty was hurt (arthritis) and to be careful with her. Daughter: ‘Okay, I’ll read to her.'”


15. “My 13-year-old daughter makes me sandwiches to take to work. I didn’t even ask. She offered.”


16. “She found out our dog had to get shots, so wile we were waiting in the parking lot of the vet our daughter hugged her and told her that shots hurt but it will all be okay and that she will take the dog to the toy store if she was a good girl.”


17. ALL of these kids…

Diagnosed with autism at age 5, Logan Pickett (#7) has served for years as the team manager for Heritage High School in Ringgold. Now a senior, Logan got a chance last week against Cartersville to take the field … and score a touchdown.

18. This note hanging from a cab driver’s steering wheel.


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