16 Shoes From the ’90s You Forgot You Were Obsessed With

Maybe you’re among the lucky ones that never threw away their ‘old’ shoes from the nineties? If so, you can dust them off because today in fashion it seems like pretty much anything goes and the nineties (eighties, seventies, sixties, and so on) are back with a vengeance! Some shoe styles that characterized the nineties include:

  • Platforms
  • Florescent colors
  • Converse and pumas
  • And more!

You may have had your favorites styles from the nineties, but when you look through this gallery you’ll remember a whole lot more that you forgot you were obsessed with.

Arguably, the nineties were the best era for fashion…so here goes!

#1. Do you remember Sugar Floaties? Those sandals that were so squishy, soft and perfect? With their ‘bubble’ design and high level of comfort, you were probably obsessed with these back in the day.


#2. Jelly sandals, especially jelly sandals with heels, were all the rage at one point and you probably owned a pair or two yourself. On the downside, remember how they used to get so sweaty after only an hour of wearing them? Maybe avoid them on an especially hot day.


#3. Chinese Laundry flip flops were cool because the sole of the shoe were made from straw, the same kind you’d find a straw mat made from.


#4. Lots of people lived in Doc Martens sandals in the nineties. For lots of teens they got so bad, they were forced to throw them away because of the horrible smell!


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