16 People Having A Worse Day Than You

You’re going to hate me.

I ask that you keep the hate as tame as humanly possible.

But you’re going to hate me.

I wrote every caption in this article with puns that’d put even the worst dad jokes to shame.

Why did I do this? Because it’s Monday and bad puns accurately express how I feel about this horrific experience that happens once every seven days. That’s why. But, as all things, it’ll be over soon. In the meantime, let’s have ourselves a hearty chuckle at the dreadfulness that is these peoples’ Mondays. I promise the words “bad day” will be put into perspective by the time you get to the 15th photo.

Catch ya later.

1. This is EGGactly the opposite of how I wanted to start my week,


2. Donut mess with me today, Monday.


3. I was PANTing by the time I unraveled this from my chair. 


4. Jim’s drive home from work was…sticky.


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