15 Hilarious Students That Have Totally Outsmarted Their Teachers

We were all schoolkids once, and no matter how old we were, we always thought we were smarter than our teachers. The reality of the situation however is that we clearly weren’t. Not in real terms anyway.


But the beauty of being a child is that sometimes your mind can absolutely outfox that of an adult. Call it what you will, but the way kids think is sometimes hilarious and downright logical.

Here are 15 hilarious kids that have gone out of their way to outsmart their teachers.

1. Sometimes a diagram from Lord of the Rings says more than a real answer ever could


2. I would have gone with Heffner, but fair play to the kid


3. Song lyrics are always an appropriate answer in a test


4. Somebody buy this kid a strong drink


5. Don’t name them mate, it’ll just be harder when your exam paper gets taken away


6. I really hope this one was marked as correct


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